“The beginning is always today.”

mary shelley

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Our Mission

At Next Page Brand Strategies, we believe in telling authentic stories that build your brand and drive your customers to action. We don’t just use pretty words. We use pretty words that work. Let’s turn the next page.



We help businesses at multiple stages in their marketing plans. Whether you’ve tried a marketing strategy before, or you have no idea where to begin, we can help you establish your goals, a timeline, and the tools you need to ensure your marketing is successful.

01. brand

How you talk about your brand is as important as how it looks. We’ll help you develop the voice, keywords, audiences and taglines to support your brand.

02. content + calendars

Stories and words move people. We’ll create your content for the next six months and help you execute it with monthly reporting and strategic changes as necessary.

03. social media +

Stay in front of your audience by meeting them where they are. We’ll post, manage and provide monthly reports on how your digital marketing is working for your brand.

04. sales funnels + new leads

The greatest thing about content marketing is that it’s working for you while you’re running your business. We’ll help you put the tools in place to gain new leads.


“A word after a word after a word is power.”

margaret atwood

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Our Story

Next Page Brand Strategies was founded in 2017 to help small businesses navigate the ongoing changes to digital marketing. We are not industry-exclusive (we’re nerds and we love to research), but we are kinda picky about the type of clients we take on. Does this sound familiar?

I have been in business for at least 5 years.

I hate doing my own social media.

My marketing is not bringing in new clients.

Actually, wait. Maybe it is? i dunno. I’m not sure.

You should know if your marketing is working for you. If it’s not, then we should talk. Marketing won’t solve all of your business problems, but it will help build your brand, create authenticity and move people more quickly from liking you to trusting you. And if they trust you, well, you know as a business owner that they’re much more likely to work with you. We can help. Let’s chat.


let’s turn the next page

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