What We Do



  1. a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

    "time to develop a coherent marketing strategy"

    synonyms: master plan, grand design, game plan, plan (of action), action plan, policy, program.

Strategy is a part of everything we do. We’ve worked in all areas (seriously, all) of marketing and we know how important it is that every part of your marketing plan supports your overall brand. We’re here to make sure that your brand not only looks awesome and sounds awesome, but that it works for your marketing goals.



Brand Messaging — Maybe you have your brand messaging in place (or maybe you don’t). We meet with you and your team to develop or enhance your brand message. This message is part of your story and what will enhance your brand in everything that your business does.

Content — By sharing success stories, hurdles, and insights in your field, you build trust with your customers.  Stories and words move people. Your story is worth hearing, and we're here to write it. We provide content marketing services across a lot of platforms: from blogs and brochures, to marketing presentations, client communications and SEO.

digital strategies  

SEO — The words you choose on your website determine how easy (or difficult) it is to find your website  using search engines. We create the right copy for your website, plus we know some awesome web developers if you need help pulling all the elements together.

Assessments - Your customer’s first experience with your brand is very likely online. Whether it’s through social media, or your website, they get a sense of “who you are” online. We provide digital assessments of your online presence to help you make strategic - and realistic - shifts to your target audience.

social media

Strategic Calendars - We develop social media calendars that include content with specific goals for each post based on the audience of each channel as well as timing, best practices, and strategic advertising campaigns to improve engagement.

Posting and Graphics - We don’t just post for fun. We post with a purpose. We’ll establish what your social media goals are (More followers? More calls? More clicks to your website?) and we’ll post content on your behalf to help move you closer to that target.

LinkedIn Articles - How often do you post to LinkedIn? Probably not as much as you should. LinkedIn is a valuable target demographic depending on your brand. Posting relevant and helpful content helps improve your business’ brand within your and your employee’s networks.

data collection & analysis 

Reporting - As much as we like words, we also really like numbers. Content can be hard to measure, but we’ll monitor your digital sites every month and determine what content marketing pieces are gathering the most traffic. From here, we’ll make strategic recommendations for next month’s marketing tactics and goals.

old-school marketing

Interviews - Do you have someone in your organization with a story to tell? Is it an employee or a client? We love to help people tell their stories, and we’ll provide the content for you to share with your followers, your media friends and your database.

E-Books & Case Studies - Maybe you have a file folder or journal full of great ideas that you’ve been meaning to put into an e-book to sell. Maybe you have a great client success story you want to promote on your website. No matter your goal, we’ll help you get your words on the page.

Direct Mail, Brochures -Print is not dead. And especially now that there are digital strategies to track how your printed marketing pieces are working (or not), there is no reason not to consider the old-school piece of paper.

Brainstorming Sessions - Sometimes you don’t know what you need. Or, maybe you do, but others in your organization aren’t convinced. Bringing in an outside consultant can shift the tables in the right direction. Whether it’s over coffee, or in a board meeting, we can help you turn the next page.

“Next Page helped me develop the ‘brand’ that speaks to what my business does and who it focuses on. Since forming my company, I’ve been complimented by large corporations and small businesses alike on the professionalism of my market content, relevance of my company name, and appropriateness of my logo. [Many clients] were stunned that a boutique firm nailed my message from the onset. I consider my success after only one year since inception to be in no small measure due to the work Next Page provided. I highly recommend them whether you are just starting a business or have an existing one and want to refresh or more importantly rebrand your business to meet your target audience.”
— Managing Partner, Pivoting Strategies


What part of your businesses’ story do you need to tell? No matter what page you are on, we can help. Because even if we don’t do it, we have an extensive network of professional agencies that can. Just ask.