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“I don’t get paid enough to do this.” - Max (probably)

“I don’t get paid enough to do this.” - Max (probably)

I've been flagged by Facebook numerous times.  Not because I'm edgy but because Facebook is allllwaaaays making updates to their settings.

Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, I was preparing a Facebook post.

I uploaded an adorable photo of my dog in front of my laptop because I’m a smart marketer and I know that babies and dogs have more reach on social media than any photo of me leaning intelligently against a brick building with my arms crossed.

Once the photo was uploaded, my text was created, and emojis in place, I clicked the blue “Boost Post” button. I had done this dozens of, if not a hundred, times. However, this time, my post was flagged. I tried it again.

Again, my ad was not approved. Hm. I clicked the button more forcefully - and six times in a row. Surely, that would work. It did not. “What the french toast is going on?” I asked (except I didn’t use the word french toast).

We are all victims, er, recipients of Facebook’s updates. But it’s my job to troubleshoot those updates quickly and strategically.

Just like cleaning your house - or hiring someone to clean your house - yes, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you could do your own marketing but A) Is that the best use of your time? and B) Will you be as good at it as a professional?

That’s why I founded Next Page Brand Strategies, so that I can be the marketing expert for small business owners.

I’ll test the latest trends, make the mistakes, and find the loopholes - so it’s one less thing business owners need to worry about.

Please join us for our first annual Marketing Masterclass and learn how to craft an effective message, reach your ideal audience, and why Facebook wouldn’t let me post that one photo. (The answer was right in front of me).



Week 1: What is Your Message

  • Do people love your brand? (Do people know you have a brand?) We’ll examine how you can use your message to increase your visibility.

Week 2: Who is Your Audience (and Where Will You Find Them)

  • Some marketing channels are worth your energy, some channels are not (hi, Twitter). We’ll figure out who your audience is and where to reach them.

Week 3: How to Tell Your Story

  • You have a message. You have an audience. Now what?

Week 4: Get it Going… (How to Implement Your Marketing so it’s not a Full-Time Job)

  • We’ll talk about strategies to set your marketing in motion so that you could - technically - not touch it for six months.



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Session 1: June
Early Bird Price (sign up before April 30): $540 ($435 with 20% discount)
Regular Price: $600 ($480 with 20% discount)

Session 2: July
Early Bird Price (sign up before May 31): $540 ($435 with 20% discount)
Regular Price : $600 ($480 with 20% discount)

Session 3: August
Early Bird Price (sign up before June 28): $540 ($435 with 20% discount)
Regular Price : $600 ($480 with 20% discount)

20% off will be applied for old friends (current or past clients).

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