Marketing Masterclass

You need marketing help, but you don’t have the marketing budget. We’ve got your back.

In this 4-week course, we will cover the following topics, then, in a small group setting, put these topics to practical use for your specific business.

Week 1: What is Your Message

  • Do people love your brand? (Do people know you have a brand?) We’ll examine how you can use your message to increase your visibility.

Week 2: Who is Your Audience (and Where Will You Find Them)

  • Some marketing channels are worth your energy, some channels are not (hi, Twitter). We’ll figure out who your audience is and where to reach them.

Week 3: How to Tell Your Story

  • You have a message. You have an audience. Now what?

Week 4: Get it Going… (How to Implement Your Marketing so it’s not a Full-Time Job)

  • We’ll talk about strategies to set your marketing in motion so that you could - technically - not touch it for six months.

Total for the Course:

Session 1: June
Early Bird Price (sign up before April 30): $540 ($435 with 20% discount)
Regular Price: $600 ($480 with 20% discount)

Session 2: July
Early Bird Price (sign up before May 31): $540 ($435 with 20% discount)
Regular Price : $600 ($480 with 20% discount)

Session 3: August
Early Bird Price (sign up before June 28): $540 ($435 with 20% discount)
Regular Price : $600 ($480 with 20% discount)

To keep our content focused on each student, class sizes are limited to 4 people. 20% off will be applied for old friends (current or past clients).

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