Speaking Events

If you count all my years teaching, I have probably spoken in front of close to a thousand people in my lifetime (and not all were excited to be there, lemme tell ya). But if I can survive speaking to them (in fact, I loved it), I can certainly speak to your audience, at your next event.

Possible Topics:

  • Marketing Planning and Budgeting (How much time and money should I really spend on Marketing?)

  • How can you measure Brand Awareness?

  • How to engage your team (or yourself) to write effectively

  • Why Blogs Matter for your Business

  • The Traps of Social Media (Just because it worked for your friend’s sister’s neighbor, doesn’t mean it will work for you)

I can also talk about the oxford comma and when to properly use “whom” if you really want.

Or, if you’re looking for something more motivational, we can talk about my being the first woman in my family to be an entrepreneur, how I learned to build grit or the 48-hour migraine that led me to some big changes in my business approach.

Let’s chat.

Upcoming Events