“There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.”

shel silverstein

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(a few of) Our Clients

steve cole, VP of advancement, veterans bridge home

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Cassandra. When we hired her, she listened to what we wanted and immediately created a tailored approach to raise our organization’s profile. By facilitating discussions with our staff and board, she helped us set strategic communications goals for the organization. From there she worked to identify our voice and key message. As a relatively small and new non-profit, having Cassandra consult with us has allowed us to receive top-quality communications advice when we need it.”


nancy galimi, co-owner, divergent it

“Cassandra is a very talented and dedicated professional. I had an excellent experience working with her while creating content for my website. She listened to what I wanted and put together content on a timely manner which I greatly appreciate. We then together collaborated to come up with the end result. All around a great experience!” 

managing partner, pivoting strategies

“Next Page helped me develop the ‘brand’ that speaks to what my business does and who it focuses on. Since forming my company, I’ve been complimented by large corporations and small businesses alike on the professionalism of my marketing content, relevance of my company name, and appropriateness of my logo. [Many clients] were stunned that a boutique firm nailed my message from the onset. I consider my success after only one year since inception to be in no small measure due to the work Next Page provided. I highly recommend them whether you are just starting a business or have an existing one and want to refresh or more importantly re-brand your business to meet your target audience.”

Nichelle mosley, owner, queen city beauty group

“I am totally amazed at Cassandra’s ability to focus in on her clients. Next Page Brand Strategies was able to analyze my business and determine where I should go next. Throughout the process I felt looped in and understood ‘the why.’ Next Page Brand Strategies’ understanding of my brand and its direction was very impressive to me. Cassandra is a warm and inviting person, a true delight to talk with. I am very fortunate to have worked with her.”



communications case study

Want to see our work in action? Happy to oblige. Check out our Communications Case Study that spanned nearly a full year with a Charlotte-based non-profit. From brand messaging to execution, we helped Veterans Bridge Home speak to their audience.


Speaking Events

Learning is fun! (Yes, it is.) There is so much to know about Marketing that you could spend hours reading books and listening to podcasts. You don’t have to be a long-term client to get our insights on the best options for your Marketing Plan. We’re glad to speak to your team or at your next event. Just contact us.

Possible Topics:

  • What’s the Difference Between Marketing, Networking and Sales?

  • Why Blogs (Still) Matter for your Business

  • How can you Measure Brand Awareness?

  • The Traps of Social Media

I can also talk about the oxford comma and when to properly use “whom” if you really want.

Or, if you’re looking for something more motivational, we can talk about my being the first woman in my family to be an entrepreneur, or the 48-hour migraine that led me to some big changes in my business approach.

Let’s chat.


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