A Soliloquy on Reese's, Performed in One Act

I’m not a big chocolate fan (hi, migraines), but I do love Reese’s Cups. It would make sense if Food Lion or Target began to market their deals on Reese’s Cups around this time of year because they’re going to see an increase in my spending habits on this item (I mean… I definitely should have them around in case trick-or-treaters come to my door in my gated and code-access required condo community, right?) Right.

But where do I see the most (by which I mean - only) ads for Reese’s? Waze. Is that just me?

I’ll be sitting at the intersection of Wendover and Providence when Waze reminds me that I can purchase delicious, creamy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at the following gas stations nearby. I haven’t gotten into the digital marketing for Waze yet, although I definitely see the benefit if you are in the food/beverage industry.

Waze is training me to want Reese’s while I’m hustling in between meetings now. I see that orange logo pop up and you know what? Reese’s are available EVERYWHERE in Charlotte. So my question, as a marketer who doesn’t know how to turn it off, is this: What is Reese’s goal in this ad campaign?

People on Reddit (and other online forums) are quick to complain and ask how they can get rid of these ads. For me, it’s not that bothersome. It just raises more questions and doesn’t prompt me to take action. Not only do I carry snacks with me at all times like a mom, but, again - I don’t go looking for chocolate because of aforementioned migraines. Do the Ad gods know this about me? Of course not. But I want to know more about how Waze is suggesting ads to people.

Does anyone else see a ridiculous amount of Reese’s ads? Are they targeting certain demographics? For example, do people who travel with odd schedules and rarely consistently to the same place like Reese’s more than people with set, consistent driving routes? Are Reese’s seeing a down turn in my zip code? Did I click on a Reese’s ad at some point that I don’t remember and have therefore put myself into some digital marketing loophole for which I won’t get out of until I buy a Reese’s?

I don’t know why this is bothering me so much. But I will tell you one thing: I’ve had Reese’s on my mind a lot lately. So… I guess the brand awareness is working.

Cassandra D'Alessio