On this Team, We Encourage Naps

Some people have endless energy. They can drink coffee without it really affecting them, and they can’t sit in a chair for more than fifteen minutes. From sun up, to sun down - they have projects to do, and things to organize and life in general that they need to attack.

Other people are a little more low-key. They have to drink a cup (or two) of coffee in the morning before they are functioning coherently enough to talk to anyone. They slouch back in their chair as they’re responding to emails, and they very often hit an energy slump around 3PM.

You know which one you are.

And so do we.

If we don’t have back to back meetings or phone calls during the middle of an afternoon, there’s a very high chance we’re taking a 30-45 minute nap. (When I say “we,” I’m obviously referring to me and Max).

You can say that’s lazy or childish, but I have a counter argument. Other Countries take siestas in the afternoon. The British have Afternoon Tea. Even some Fortune 500 organizations in the U.S. encourage breaks for employees. A friend told me that at The Huffington Post, employees are given nap rooms and encouraged to use them. Even Oprah has dedicated mediation times for her employees.

Burnout is real - whether you own a business or not. And whether you’ll feel recharged after a nap, or a quick run (if that’s your thing), or even dancing around to Lizzo with the volume turned alllll the way up. If after you’re finished, you feel you have more energy to tackle the rest of your day, then you should do it.

So, I’m done feeling badly about my nap-taking. I’m able to power through the rest of my afternoon and evening (even now I’m writing this after 10PM on a Tuesday). I don’t condone working late for all people, but it works for me. Not all 9AM - 5PM schedules work for people. Mine is more, 9AM - 11PMish with a few breaks for food, walking Max - and a nap - mixed in there.

Should we ever move our business into a larger space, I will aspire to have a nap room. And if not, I’ll at least encourage my team to do something other than eat a lunch during their lunch break. And if nothing else, I’ll bring Max in for inspiration.

Cassandra D'Alessio