5 Ways to Move your Content from a Noun to a Verb

I hear this one all the time.

“Oh yeah, I have a lot of content on my [insert social media channel] page.”

Cool. But what is that content doing for you?

You can have the most amazing content in the world, but if you are not engaging that content to work for you, it really doesn’t matter. Sure, you’ve got a lot of “likes” and “hearts” and all of those feel-good vanity metrics, but that doesn’t necessarily convert to sales.

What does?

Engaging those followers that are engaged. Keep in mind: you’re going to have to give your audience something in return if you expect them to do some work. This is where a whitepaper or promotion or free t-shirt comes in handy. (I mean, who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?)

Here are 5 ways to move your content from a noun to an action verb:

  1. Drive people to a form on your website. Get the information that is important to you. Namely: their email address. Add them to your email newsletter (you have one, right?).

  2. Increase your reach. Use the platform that is serving you well. Create a contest where people who tag a friend are entered for a chance to win ______.

  3. Use a discount code: Share a special code that is “just” for your social media followers. If they use that code to sign up for a service, they’ll receive a discount.

  4. Learn valuable data. You’re probably curious about some of the behaviors of your ideal client (or, you should be). You have the sample audience: ask them the question. Every answer will be entered for a chance to win the above promotion.

  5. Check your analytics. Even if NOBODY responds to any of your requests: you can still track their actions (don’t you love/hate 2019?). You had 57 hits on your website for a Contact Us form, but nobody signed up. Why? You had 416 views of your Instagram video, but nobody took action. Why? Knowledge is everything. You’ll learn a lot, even if “nothing” happens.

Marketing is not one and done (and you know that). But if you’re going to take any marketing advice from us, take this to heart: posting content doesn’t create sales. You need to push your followers to take action and to drive them further into a sales funnel to take action.

It’s a process that will take months before you narrow down your audience and learn which behaviors drive the most action. But this is still time well spent. Because all the while you’ll be building SEO, brand awareness and - most importantly - credibility. Now that’s a marketing plan.

Cassandra D'Alessio