Be Authentic or Beware


You probably know what authentic content looks like on your social media feeds. Or, you know what’s not authentic at least.

As businesses are beginning to engage their customers on social media, it’s important that each of these platforms carries an authentic voice - and that’s not something you can easily fake.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:

  1. Make sure you have a dedicated social media manager who can help filter your organization’s message through the right “translations” for social media. What will work on Facebook, won’t work on Twitter, and vice versa.

  2. Keep writers on staff who are the age and demographic of your target audience. If your audiences are women in their 50’s - then that needs to be who is writing your content (and even posting it on Facebook because that’s probably the largest demographic on Facebook).

When organizations post without considering of its content, it doesn’t send a clear message of who your organization is. Unless you want your message to be: we’re here in this space but we’re not very good at it!

Social media can get really silly really fast if you let it. Even if you are using Snapchat as part of your brand - there are levels of interaction with that platform that feel authentic to your audiences, and there are levels that just seem so extra (not even sure I used that word correctly. Case in point).

Authenticity rules content in all aspects of your marketing but especially in social media. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have taken measures to make sure that their users are seeing the posts that are most relevant to them, and that means posts with the most engagements.

You already know that you need to relax your tone of voice on social media and speak more conversationally to your audiences.

Now, just don’t go too far the other way and talk like you are one of them when you’re not. Because, it’s OK that you’re not. Gen Z just graduated college, and they need work experience and jobs.

You can help each other out.

Cassandra D'Alessio