The more Facebook changes, the more Facebook stays the same.

I was having coffee with a woman I met at a networking group this past week, and we began talking about her online marketing strategy: what was working for her and what wasn't on her Facebook page. She knew the benefits of using Live Video and she was intentional in learning how that could help build her brand by using the social media platform. She had tried some Live Video and she had been a voyeur of Live Video. And it all just left a bad taste in her mouth. "I don't want to see one more video on my News Feed," she said, "I don't want to add to that noise." 

I totally felt for her. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses take the path of most resistance because they want to be a part of something that speaks to the authenticity of who they are and their values. How can we marry that desire to be authentic with ourselves yet still be successfully marketable? Especially when Facebook insists that we follow its arbitrary (they are arbitrary, no matter how they try to spin it) set of rules?

For me, I have a running list of things that have not changed on Facebook in the last couple of years - and I stick to them as best I can. Do I use all 10 of these for every post? Certainly not. But I reference them when I have something important to say. Because, like many, I don't want to just "add to the noise." And isn't that the point of successful marketing? 

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Cassandra D'Alessio